Relapse Symptoms- What Should I look for?

  1. Exhaustion- overly tired/poor healthIMG_0460
  2. Dishonesty- lying to self and others
  3. Close Mindedness- things have to go my way! I know…
  4. Impatience- things are not happening quick enough
  5. Argumentative- arguing over everything/need to always be right… because I know what I need to do!
  6. Depression- unreasonable and unacountable despair
  7. Frustration- easily annoyed/things may not be going your way
  8. Self Pity- playing the victim
  9. Cockiness- overly confident/loss of fear of addiction
  10. Complacency- getting over-comfortable
  11. Expecting Too Much from Others
  12. Letting Up on Diciplines- may be caused by boredom or complacency (ex. not going to meetings as often)
  13. Wanting Too Much- setting too high of goals you cannot reach
  14. Forgetting Gratitude- looking negatively on life by concentrating on problems and not being able to see anything else
  15. “It Cannot Happen to Me”- dangerous thinking, it is more likely to happen when you are careless
  16. Omnipotence- you know all the answers for yourself and others
  17. Use of Mood Altering Chemicals- the last thing we do!