Letters of Love

Do you have a loved one suffering with the DISEASE OF ADDICTION?

Have you lost someone due to the DISEASE OF ADDICTION?

The Michael Anthony’s Project INC a non for profit organization is looking for family members (moms, dads , brothers, sisters, grandparent who have a loved one is is suffering with the disease of addiction or who has lost a child due to the disease of addiction to whom will as a cathartic experiences write a letter to their loved one.

This letter should be an honest representation of the feelings that you are feeling towards the disease of addiction and your loved one. The letter may be anonymous or you may sign it.The letter may be in the form of a picture, poem, story, any style you chose.

Release Form

or call Lori at 203-525-8052

The letters will be part of a publication that we hope to put in doctors offices , rehabilitation facilities, prisons, community centers, schools, etc in the hopes that community leaders, school officials, politicians, insurance companies and people from all different facets of the community read the publication and help us keep our youth alive!!!


The Michael Anthony’s Project, Inc. is a not for profit organization